Tuesday, September 14, 2010

11:43am - sure Bob, I'll be amazing!

Tech Notes Radio will be heading back to the airways and intertubes soon! Kinda excited. Weee...


Sunday, May 4, 2008

what did I play on Sunday, 4 May 2008?

Drown - 27 Hour Day
Instumental - Galaxy 500
Pink Moon - Nick Drake
Talking Seattle Grunge Blues - Todd Snider
Tetris - The Midtown Dickens
Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
Cool for Cats - Squeeze
Diamonds on the Souls of her Shoes - Paul Simon
Mandika - Sinead O'connor
Jellybean Wine - Bombadil
'69 El Camino - Southern Culture on the Skids
Honesuckle Blues - Drivin' N' Cryin'
A Little Less Conversation (JXL Remix) - Elvis Presely
Dirtywhirl - TV On the Radio
Radio, Radio - Elvis Costello
Pink Houses (Live, Farm Aid) - John Cougar Mellencamp
The Price of Oil - Billy Bragg
F' George Bush - Todd Snider
Red Rain - Live, Peter Gabriel w/R.E.M.
Heartbeats - Jose Gonzalez
Innocent Child - Big Audio Child
What are we gonna do? - Dramarama
Pride (In the Name of Love) - Soweto Gospel Choir (South Africa)
Story of My Life - Social Distortion
Run Runaway - Slade
Subdivisions - Rush
Emily + Paper Napkins - Future Kings of Nowhere
Blessed assurance - Iris DeMent

Thursday, February 28, 2008

So, just so you don't think I'm forgetting...

Still trying to get the blogging thing down - using Semagic to post to TNR... Let's see what happens!


dona nobis pacem

"Keep Calm and Carry On"

Thursday, February 7, 2008

We'll be experencing technical difficulties for some time...

due to shifting schedules, Tech Notes Radio will be on hiatus until further notice.
Much appreciation goes to Bob and Leo and all the great peeps at WCOM - keep listening to your community supported low-power radio!
Further appreciation is felt for those who help Mel and I have a great time doing something we loved. I'm sure it's not the last you've heard from us!


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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Did we say we'd update our blog??

well, here it is.

HD Radio, from last week's show:
www.hdradio.com - a great place to start your misunderstanding of a soon to be near you transformation of your listening pleasure.
www.crutchfield.com - a great place to start your post-new-year shopping of things audio and technical!

This week, we're gonna touch on Johnny's Live at Folsom recording - why, you ask? well, on this date in '68, he had a concert and they recorded it. I'm sure you've heard a song or two from it - it's quite classic.

We'll also hit a few of the tech sites I love to share:
www.ted.com - technology, entertainment & design. Ideas worth spreading. Visit - be amazed!
www.techrepublic.com - a site with decent content on the deeper issues in tech, along with geek-tastic articles on all things techy!

How's that for an update? Tune in and let me know...


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's Tech Notes ... We're on the Air!!

Blood makes noise, so says Suzanne Vega, so it is true!!

Hope you're enjoying the show.


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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To all the veterans... Thank you.

the tunes:
  1. Loose Nut Behind the Wheel - Bauphluff - no friend but the clam
  2. Wayworn Traveller - Kim Townsend - Wayworn Traveller
  3. Life During Wartime - Talking Heads
  4. Born to Run - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
  5. No Children - The Mountain Goats
  6. Hard Sun - Eddie Vedder
  7. Shelter from the Storm - Bob Dlyan
  8. We All Shine On - John Lennon
  9. Caravan of Love - Housemartins
  10. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - The Blanks
  11. Caravan of Love - Housemartins

Huh, obviously my precise note taking skills were comprimised slightly. Huh...

Oh - here's a link:
regarding Sgt. Thompson.


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